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I Think I Turn Love to Hate Taylor Swift

Yes yes yes, i used to love her before but now i hate her sssssssooo much, why?

1. She dump the country songs
2. She still banned herself as country singer (what? ooooww owww..trouble
3. Turn to pop
4. Get the advantage popularity of being country and pop.
5. Means that she popularity freaks.
6. She dated man just for popularity hooks. I mean, dated with high school boy? i think if no "Kennedy" emblem she wont do it.
7. Yes, she is popularity obsessed.
8. She ironing her curly hair which is so bad.
9. And turn the make up which so flawless before into red lipstick-thick mascara. Too over.
10. Overrated.
11. Self-centered. Im waiting she write the song about "maybe im the problem".
12. Im waiting she stop writing about the breakups too.
13. But I think she would write it after Spongebob get its driving licence.
14. Hypocrite, she never admit and confess that she had mentally illness.
15. And always get someone to blame.

And thanks to John Mayer which dump her so badly and wrote the reply songs for her. "You just 22 girl in one".

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just simply close this tab and dont comment. If you're SWIFTIE you are definitely in wrong DIRECTIONS.


Viera mengatakan...

aw aw aw

Rohani Syawaliah honeylizious mengatakan...

hahahahahahahahaha aku suka Miley :3 tapi kok sekarang bugil2an yaaaa

salam kenal dari pencavier :D

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