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The clock is ticking on the table in my room. 
Funny how the time just slips away. 
An ordinary simple man
Who's lost a little piece of something.
Hold my breath and close my eyes.
Say a little prayer. 

My mind is open to the page of yesterday.
Isn't it a crime how love can go.
I always knew there would come a day
When silence played the king of pain. 
So I close my eyes and hold my breath.
And contemplate a change.

Here we go again hello.
I didn't see the end and so the story goes.
How can I be cool?
I always play the fool!
I need a shot of love.
Like an arrow through the heart.

I have my faith in life.
I know the truth inside.
This time I swear it's gonna be better

aduh jangan cemberut dong mas..


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